1000 pieces

Candice Nolan / Apr 4, 2019

1000 pieces

I started building this jigsaw puzzle. 1000 pieces. Boy, is it hard! Taking a much needed break. Although, I can certainly see why they say its good for building the brain.

This piece has less to do with puzzles and more to do with my inability to see past them. That line just came to me. From my subconscious. Deep within it lies the answer to this jigsaw puzzle, I keep fiddling on about. I wish I had the luxury at marvelling at this great mystery all day. Alas.

Besides the mould, things that occupy my mind are fears over the future, developing in the present, percolating into the past. The mould can cause respiratory problems. That’s worrying. Again, another thing that I am powerless to change. The joys of sectional title being what they are.

I applied for some jobs today. One recruiter asked for a selfie. I was flabbergasted. I do not do selfies. So I submitted one from eons ago that a colleague had taken at a media junket. It doesn’t quite qualify as a selfie. But I figure if anyone is going to hire me on the basis of my looks, then I’d rather bow out gracefully.

Everyday, I eagerly check my analytics to see how my podcasts are doing. I know I shouldn’t. It’s rather self defeating. But I do it anyway. Use it as a measure of my overall success, and flunk everytime. As my life coach always says, remember your affirmations:

I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic! I am brilliant, I am bright, I’m a radiant beam of light! Everyday and in everyway things are getting better. Good things always happen to me. I am always in the right place at the right time. My health is excellent.

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