1652: Theft of a Nation

Candice Nolan / Apr 6, 2020

1652: Theft of a Nation

Today, 368 years ago, the Dutch stole the Cape. The local Khoe-Khoe people enjoyed a roaring trade with passing ships. And then, on 6 April 1652, one pale skinned oke, decided to deal with the competition. They changed the face of this corner of Africa forever. And now, these sod’s are proving their higher order with an intelligent solution to coronavirus.

You cannot make this s**t up! But then I seek solace in the story of a Dutch Bible that records my coloured/bastardised family tree. And life is all gravy again. But the whole thing still makes me bitter. It all makes me so sad when I think about how humanity turned in on itself. We came from South Africa.

And then some peeps got bored with the pastoral life, and opted to move to inhospitable climes. Some even made it in the snow. And then, generations later, the people got restless again. They set off on the high sea, to conquer distant lands. Then they stumbled on Africa, decided it was uninhabited and generally wreaked havoc.

I wonder what it would have been all like if the Khoe-Khoe had the upper hand (guns) against colonisation back in 1652. I doubt there would have been globalisation. Heck, the coronavirus wouldn’t even be a thing. But alas, there is no point in imagining what might have been. It is what it is. But maybe the pale faces can quit being so haughty?

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