George Bizos: A Tribute

Candice Nolan / Sep 10, 2020

Celebrated Human Rights Advocate, George Bizos, has passed away at the age of 92. From a teenager fo...

Women’s Month: Krotoa

Candice Nolan / Aug 22, 2020

It’s womens month in SA. I choose to reflect on a powerful historic figure who helped shape th...

UPDATED: Aunty Thelma’s 100th Birthday!!!

Candice Nolan / Jul 26, 2020

Aunty Thelma Julius celebrates her 100th birthday in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. She is the ...

CAn’t Diss: Loadshedding returns during lockdown

Candice Nolan / May 12, 2020

I am your typical Clarke Kent. By day I save the world, delighting people with stories. And, by nigh...

Funeral Service in loving memory of Johanna Fillis

Candice Nolan / May 5, 2020

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of the late Johanna Fillis. It was submitted by her daughter...

CAn’t Diss: Guest Video – When People Zol

Candice Nolan / May 3, 2020

So I stumbled on a true legend earlier. His name is Max Hurrell and he’s a cool cat music prod...

CAn’t Diss Episode 8: The business of school is school

Candice Nolan / Apr 29, 2020

When I was in high school, our principal – a certain Mr Domingo – would repeat the follo...

CAn’t Diss: Your Stories

Candice Nolan / Apr 21, 2020

I invited some of my listeners to share their lockdown stories. I write this as the President begins...

CAn’t Diss: Moments with Mo

Candice Nolan / Apr 20, 2020

I have this amazing ability to surround myself with interesting human beings. Over this period of lo...

CAn’t Diss: The number

Candice Nolan / Apr 20, 2020

During my career as a journalist, I kept coming back to the same story. Statelessness. The idea that...

CAn’t Diss: Episode 4 – Poverty of the mind

Candice Nolan / Apr 20, 2020

I have come to believe that poverty is a social construct. Poverty of the mind. The ultimate human e...

CAn’t Diss Episode Three: Is this real life?

Candice Nolan / Apr 16, 2020

So there’s this idea going around in my head. Suspended reality. They have us convinced that becau...

Can’t diss Episode Two: Life beyond lockdown

Candice Nolan / Apr 15, 2020

The capitalist world order has fallen. It has proven itself inadequate in the face of a global ...

CAn’t diss: episode 1

Candice Nolan / Apr 13, 2020

Social media provides fodder for my delusions. I’m supposed to be staying away from it. But al...

Hakuna Matata: Racist Judge Motata and the battle to save his pension

Candice Nolan / Jan 26, 2020

Racist Judge Motata? I am quite possibly the first journalist to refer to a retired judge as a racis...


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