A cheeky customer

Candice Nolan / Sep 19, 2017

A cheeky customer

Her little personality is shining through. One lady described it as “effervescent”. I tend to agree. She is very vocal. With guttural pronunciation, she would harangue her audience. Mostly, she sounds angry, the sounds so throaty, that she often pauses to cough.

We have no clue what she is saying. She refers alot to a thing/person, she terms, “Pika Pika”. This is her all-time favourite sound. She can “pika pika” in full sentences, punctuated by “ca-buh ca-buh”. And when you respond with, “really?” and “sjoe, that sounds intense!”, she shoots right back with more pika’s at a much higher pitch.

She knows the names of all her favourite toys. Like the time pinky-stinky (a fluffy pink teddy with a handbag dog) fell to the floor. “Inky!”, she exclaimed, gesticulating at the teddy on the floor. Or the little dalmation she received as a gift, which, after much prompting, she referred to as “dog” and not “a ditt” (you will recall her reaction to a real live dog, this past weekend). And once, Liz – our helper- asked her to fetch carlito (the car toy), and she obliged!

Picture Caption: Today, for the first time ever, grand”paparazzi” managed to get a shot of her showing off her two teeth! 


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