A foot in

Candice Nolan / Mar 2, 2020

A foot in

I suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome. I always have. Always will. It’s because I figure I have an answer for any question. Someone close to me experienced a miscarriage. I had no words, and I told them so. But after a conversation about some unrelated stuff, I asked how they were doing and if they needed to talk, I would be there.

They didn’t want to talk. But I jumped in straight away. I said I imagine it must feel like you’ve lost confidence in your own body. Foot-in-mouth. Why would I say something like that, they demanded! I apologised profusely, I hadn’t meant anything by it. But now I feel like maybe I did subconsciously.

Because I’m really a bad apple. Under all my concern and well meaning sentiments. A know-it-all, that’s me. But I don’t know what it feels like to lose a baby. I don’t want to imagine. So, I had no business dispensing advice. Assuming that if she wanted to speak to anyone, it would be me. How pompous of me!

I feel terrible.

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