A new logo

Candice Nolan / Feb 3, 2020

A new logo

So the website developer I previously raved about, has messed up. Big time. He/she has made it totally impossible for me to change anything on the user side. They’ve hardcoded everything into my site, making it impossible to change a simple thing. Like my logo. Perhaps, I put the cart before the horse.

I should have first redesigned the logo and then forked out millions of Zimbabwean dollars on the overhaul of my website. The reason I say he/she in the previous paragraph is because at any point I wasn’t sure who I was speaking to, Gunjan or her “work colleague”. Like they say about a fool and their money.

It’s all good and well. That I’ve been swindled, that is. But now I have to pay more money to fix what they rendered effectively unfixable. Sigh. So I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. And alot ashamed. Rookie mistakes. Throughout the process I was too careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings than be firm about what I wanted done.

They essentially fixed it so that I would have to return to them for help on small little tasks, like changing a logo on a page. It’s been a long and torturous journey. This website development shindig I have going over here. Arduous. And after calling in the experts, I’m left with an empty pocket and nothing much to show for it.

But at least I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

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