A stroke of luck

Candice Nolan / Sep 21, 2017

A stroke of luck

Panic stations, everyone!!!!! At approximately 11AM SAST, my mom was chatting to colleagues, when she felt one side of her tongue going numb. The numbness spread to her lips and grew gradually worse. While speaking to her nurse colleague, her speech started to slur. Mom works in a clinic, so there was a doctor on site, and everybody knew what to do.

Her blood pressure was sky high. They administered asprin, and rushed her to hospital. They were well within the one hour treatment window.

After sending her for an MRI scan and sending blood samples off for tests, the Doctors suspected a TIA (see diagram below, courtesy of google).

I had just arrived at MNET studios, where I had an interview for a Heritage Day feature I’m working on. I returned my dad’s phonecall (He prefers phoning to watsapp, and would literally just call to say he loves me long time) *eyeroll* 

But my sister answers. She says, “Ghel, don’t panic, but mummy just had a minor stroke. We’re on our way to hospital.” Don’t panic?! Sheesh!!!!! That’s my only mummy! I am/was the most clingy of all her children. I remember my devastation when I found out that mummy’s don’t go to school. I thought I was her little waxy shadows. But she just left me there with the cardboard cut-out “mummy”.

That’s what was going through my mind when my sister said “don’t panic”. And, as is the custom, in the long established history of freaking out, when people tell you NOT to freak out, I F*R*E*A*K*E*D out! 

I phoned my psychologist. My minister. My boss. And then my dad got back to me, to say it wasn’t too serious, mummy made it to hospital in time and she was receiving the best care. Slowly, I calmed down. I think it helped that he didn’t tell me to calm down. I decided to go ahead with my interview, and rush straight to the hospital afterwards. 

When I arrived at the casualty unit, my dad was waiting outside for me. “Mummy is being discharged.”, he said, “The doctors suspect a trans something something…a TIA, whatever that means, which is like the growing pains of a stroke.”

We waited while mom made an appointment with the neurologist. The whole family was there, including nana and baby. She was excited to see me but wanted to go back to her favourite uncle almost immediately. But for the necklace that gripped her attention, she would’ve abandoned the mother-ship post-haste.

She was so excited to see her ma. Totally oblivious to the drama in the LBC. 🤣 Mum is home and resting! Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement.


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