About the boob

Candice Nolan / Sep 10, 2017

About the boob

Went to bed with achingly full breasts and awoke in agony. I have the constant stench of cabbage on my person (the cool leaves are said to soothe engorged breasts). Sigh.

Tried to get over the counter meds to dry up my milk, but alas, one needs a script from a doctor!

Here’s a limmerick for you: 

There once was a gal from Florida.    Whose baby had alot of stamina.            Her breasts were full.                               They made the baby drool.                         But there was no breastfeeding in the area.

I am blessed though. Baby is handling it all so well. She happily takes the bottle without so much as a fuss! So that’s a plus!

I’ve reproduced an image off google, so you can understand what I’m talking about.

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