Baobulb.org aims to be both a podcasting platform and a medium for storytelling. The seed was planted nearly 30 years ago, when I fell in love with the spoken word. I have worked as a radio journalist for some 14 years. I have a real passion for features writing – which is limited in a deadline-driven news environment.

Many of my journalist colleagues have gone on to become renowned authors. In the industry, one often hears “I think I might have a book in me yet!”. I have never felt like I had a “book in me”, but I certainly have a story to tell. I set out doing so, documenting my own personal journey in the form of a podcast series. The first episode de Bijbel is as much a beginning as it is an ending. The search for my Zulu great-great grandmother re-ignited a flame within me – the seed had spoken.

I have also identified a need in my own community to channel these untold stories. I hope to use this podcast to help others document their own journeys into the past. To fund this labour of love, I plan to offer a podcasting service to business clients – solutions that are tailor made to their business.