Candice Nolan / Dec 2, 2019

I am an indie podcast producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I created this podcasting platform as somewhat of a legacy project. To borrow from David Viscott, the purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.

I am a storyteller. Radio is where I ply my trade. I love the beauty of the medium. The way it can move you, the way it carries your imagination. I have 16 years of experience in a radio news environment. I also have considerable experience in radio current affairs, including features making. Over the years I have profiled lawyers and judges, historical figures and ordinary people – all with a story to tell. 

I started this website to help make podcasting more accessible. I believe that South Africans are natural storytellers. I also believe that podcasting is the future of radio. I have three active christian podcasts, which all publish weekly.

I also launched an art podcast, run by social artivist Wesley Pepper. He felt that artists didn’t have much of a voice even before the lockdown. Now more than 25 episodes in, and he credits the podcast as one of his most successful projects for 2020!

And, we’re super excited to be carrying The Other Side of the Sun Podcast by Solarkidd. The podcast launched in August. Solarkidd is a Music Producer/Sound Engineer. He started this podcast as a journey of self discovery. Guests on his weekly podcast show include local legends, like Jason Goliath and major players on the London Rave scene, such as Junior Tomlin.

At Spudcaster, we are building a storytelling platform. Our ultimate goal is to generate local content. To allow Africans to tell African stories. Let Spudcaster podcast your life! Be a part of the next BIG thing!

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