Candice Nolan / Sep 29, 2017


So, we have arrived in deepest darkest Africa, with its undulating mountains and stark vegetation. We’re staying at a lodge, and the digs are comfortable. All ready for the wedding in the ‘morrow.

I had the task of putting baby down for bedtime, while hubby runs some pre-wedding errands. There was much screaming and gnashing of tooth. 😐 Then I discovered the magic of song. Had some choice hymns on repeat, my vocal cords working hard to keep up. She is fast asleep! Yay me!

As I mentioned previously, this is our first roadtrip as a family. She slept for two hours in the car. But it was hard work keeping her entertained during her awake times. My dad recorded a video of all the songs he sings to her in the car. I had to play it over and over again to excited screeches, interspersed with “pa pa pa” (she calls her grandy Pa). 

She does the cutest things with her hands when we sing twinkle twinkle little star! awwwwww! Such a clever girl! 


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