Candice Nolan / Apr 12, 2019


After months of labour, I finally completely the sequel to de Bijbel. This is all part of the narrative around my quest to trace my lineage. There were countless trips to the National Archives in the capital city and so many cups of coffee as we scanned over yellowing pages.

Those trips to the National Archive were hectic. One had to sign in ones keys, note paper and bags. Some folks had fancy scanning machines attached to laptops. All I had was my cellular device, which I used to capture images of the pages. It was a long tedious process.

A necessary evil, if you would. Well, necessary to expose an evil. The story of what happened to my closer ancestors is nothing short of ridiculous. They were in the eye of the apartheid storm. They were trampled on, disregarded and discarded. Banished in their native land.

And nobody ever spoke about it. Sure, the adults whispered or heard whisperings from their adults. But, growing up I learnt about Sophiatown and people would often talk about “the armed struggle.” And yet our own stories about dispossession remained largely untold.

I hope to change that with this series of podcasts. I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it sound just right. There are many unspoken heroes in this series of stories. Thank you for listening.

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