Animal Farm

Candice Nolan / Jan 28, 2020

Animal Farm

The year is 2020. Race theory has been wholly discredited. It is taboo to refer to black persons by the racial epithet, known ominously as “The “K” word”. The word is stolen from Islam and refers to a non-believer.

But in a backwater in the province of the Free State – Die Vry Staat – racism is still very much the order of the day. In the magistrate’s court a witness spoke of a mad man, who picked up a stone and started swinging at him “making noise in his language”. He was referring to a black man.

Technically, we all make noises in our respective languages. But we don’t refer to it as noises. We say “so-and-so spoke to me” OR “so-and-so screamed at me”. But we never, and I say this without fear of contradiction, say that “so-and-so made noises in his language”! Never.

This self loathing is deep. People eat, sleep and breathe racism every day. That’s toxic. No wonder they’re so red and angry all the time. Maybe they’ll read this…doubtful…and insist that I’m simply making noises in my language. Pitiful. Making noises in my language and constantly being misunderstood or overlooked.

More so the plight of the black man in these communities. Making noises. Being ignored. Referred to as “booitjie” which references a small boy in Afrikaans. That’s no life. Never mind the lack of basic things such as a roof over one’s head or food to eat. The poor black man also has to deal with the decimation of his dignity every minute of every day.

How their souls must be crying. Making noise in spiritual language.

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