Candice Nolan / Sep 14, 2017


They really are like popcorn! She now has TWO bottom teeth! And her teething journey hasn’t brought on any accompanying illnesses, like ear infections.

Today, she spent time with her Pa at baby sensory class. She is the youngest in the class. One of the toddlers has proven himself the gentleman! He’s always checking on her, bringing her toys, and he is so gentle.

Today, she also discovered ants. The first ant had her in panic mode. Amidst the tears, nana squished the offending ant. Later, she took baby to a colony of the worker ants. “Ants! See?”, said nana. “Ant!”, came the swift reply from the mini copier.

And me? I am doing well. The meds are doing their work. Also sunk my teeth into a feature story about coloured identity. It is well with my soul.


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