Awombness: A Tribute to my Woke African Brothers

Candice Nolan / Feb 19, 2021

Awombness: A Tribute to my Woke African Brothers

No, not you. The guy creating stupefying things. The man defying all the rules. The gentleman who’s voice will never be silenced. Yes, you. I see you.

Africa is not dying. She lives all around the world. Creating. Renewing. Restoring. She lives in me. This podcasting platform is testament to Her power and majesty.

She is me. I am Her. Sadly, so many of my brothers and sisters stopped listening to her. Quit being guided by her. And now they live in despair about dead tragedies.

So what if the man says you’re not good enough? You have all the power inside of you to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Don’t get distracted by circumstances.

Africa speaks. She speaks through me. And she speaks through you. This week, she spoke to me through four powerful brothers. The first is my husband and business partner, Morris Nolan.

This man has such a powerful voice. He is a motivating force in my life, without which I would not be sitting here today. I owe him my life.

And then there’s my bestie, Charles Ash. They hyperlink is self explanatory. He’s my only nerd friend. But we sing from the same hymn sheet on putting coloured people on the map.

Third, is my artsy fartsy friend, Wesley Pepper, who believed in my vision from the beginning. Voices like his should never be silenced and all artists should have access to audiences. It’s imperative.

And then there’s Wesley’s guest in this week’s Art Lexica. He reminded me that Africa does speak. And you don’t have to be born here to understand her message.

The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away. Aluta Continua. Africa Unite. Awombness. Spudcaster.

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