Awombness: Apple Podcasts, Baby!!!!

Candice Nolan / Jan 25, 2021

Awombness: Apple Podcasts, Baby!!!!

Apple Podcast Ranking

Awombness: Apple Podcasts, Baby! Wesley Pepper’s Art Lexica is now ranking on Apple Podcasts at:

  • Position 64 in the category Visual Arts (South Africa)
  • Position 66 in the category Visual Arts (Ireland)

Apple Podcasts. The Apple Podcasts. My hard work has been paying off. I am so grateful and humbled. You know, Wesley said “This podcast is the most successful thing I’ve done in 2020”. The potential of podcasting is truly mind blasting. is a medium for storytelling. A place where you can tell your own story. And people are listening. It takes a lot of jumping through hoops to get your show ranked on Apple in the first place. And the hoop jumping continues for the other amazing podcasts on our platform. Awombness: Apple Podcasts, Baby!

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