Awombness: Coming Soon

Candice Nolan / Feb 3, 2021

Awombness: Coming Soon

Awombness: Coming Soon. I’m super excited about this week’s podcast episodes. The Other Side of The Sun features a Christian singer/songwriter who is also a practising doctor in the UK’s NHS. I drew so much inspiration from this artist, and the episode really resonated with me. This episode just dropped.

I’m currently working on an episode featuring an interview with a COVID-19 survivor! Stellar stuff. Very insightful. And you are bound to fall in love with the guest! I am so grateful to be doing the work I do.

I’ve always loved journalism and how it opens up doors to meeting new people and exploring new opportunities. Every news day is unique. It’s dynamic and constantly changing. But mostly I like the power of setting the agenda. And allowing people to find their own voices. Podcasting has allowed me to do that more fully.

And I’m very proud to play host to Solarkidd and Wesley Pepper. This remains the most rewarding work I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. Also it’s awesome to be working with kids I grew up with. First Nation people formerly known as coloured. Awombness: Coming Soon

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