Awombness: Creation

Candice Nolan / Mar 8, 2021

Awombness: Creation

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In the beginning God started creating the world, then left it to us to finish. I find that deeply profound. Art comes to mind. Inspired creation. Art is creation. Creation is art. How great Thou art. Life is an act of creation.

Each breathe sustains life. Each movement proliferates it. As works of art ourselves, we have many critics. Ourselves being the biggest critic. I used to think that way of myself. No, scratch that. I always thought highly of myself. Because I’m simply fabulous.

But once we start seeing ourselves as art works, we begin sustaining ourselves. How big of a house do you really need. Paying for a family home into your retirement makes no sense at all. My dad loves to say, “Life is simple, people complicate it.” Awombness. Creation.

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