Awombness: Intention Seeker

Candice Nolan / Nov 17, 2020

Awombness: Intention Seeker

As a middle child, I was always the attention seeker. That is until the breakthrough I had at the wellness centre. You know, where I finally accepted my diagnosis. I am so grateful to the good people, they know who they are, who care for people like me.

I have bipolar mood disorder. I am also coloured. And female. #metoo not so much. I’m not white enough, not black enough. But I did a powerful thing yesterday. I released a podcast episode that is both topical and relevant. I’m talking broadcast quality. Fit for air.

You know I was thinking of the fellas that invented the internet. Imagine if it wasn’t free. The world would totally suck then. Ja, neh. Nowadays I live moment by moment, stress free. I’m alive. Alert. Awake. Enthusiastic. Tic Tock, motherlovers!

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