Awombness: Karima Brown

Candice Nolan / Mar 4, 2021

Awombness: Karima Brown

A giant has fallen. I’ve only just learnt that Karima Brown passed on. And silence rang in my ears. A moment of praise for the life of a true revolutionary. I never knew her personally. But professionally, she was impossible to ignore.

Journalism is the noblest of professions. Free of any strictures and rules. Empowered by the maxim “the pen is mightier than the sword”. For anyone who picks up a pen, for whatever cause, is etching themselves in history.

And journalists do quite a bit of etching. Our calling is to be the voice of the people. Ask the questions that ordinary people would think to ask. Be the people. Immerse yourself in people. That’s what I do anyway.

There’s an outdated school of thought that reckons journalists can (and should) remain objective. Don’t wade in too deep into the people. Warning. And such drivel. I can guarantee you that Karima Brown certainly drowned in people.

But talk about peopling, you folks really should head on over to my podcast for more delectable ear’gasms and star gazing. Because this is how I choose to people. I love the sound of human voices. Documenting great feats of art and life. Spudcaster. Awombness. Karima Brown.

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