Awombness: Making Waves

Candice Nolan / Mar 2, 2021

Awombness: Making Waves

Creating art. That’s what I do. Create tiny “eargasms” to tantalise the senses. Better than that, I reckon that’s what each of us do. In our own unique way. I’ve just been listening to Wesley Pepper unpack his art process, and he was talking about pouring himself into his work.

More than that, the work becomes a mirror reflection of the worker. Isn’t life wonderful?! And Art. Isn’t art wonderful?! So super excited to be working with fellow creatives. And, as I mentioned previously, the work itself (my work) is deeply rewarding.

Spudcaster is my baby. I know it since conception. I learnt it through its inception. And am enjoying watching it blossom and grow. We bringing in two new podcasts. One is a mental health podcast by SureEyes. And the other is a parenting pod by Laurell Boyers.

So I have a great team of people and lots of juicy content lined up for the coming weeks. So do stay tuned. Awombness. Making Waves.

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