Awombness: Me Too Part Two

Candice Nolan / Jan 28, 2021

Awombness: Me Too Part Two

Awombness: Me Too Part Two. In high school, the boys would zing us with our bra straps. It was incredibly painful. Basically, they’d grab the strap, pull it back and let go. Ouch. I asked hubby if he did the same thing (he grew up in Mutare, Zimbabwe). And he was incredulous. Of course he never did such things. Nor did he know of any other guys who did.

I don’t know. Are South African men just super faulty? And again, I’m generalising, which is not fair. Okay, my contemporaries from high school, were they just extra faulty? And what makes them so? Inspired by the latest podcast episode from OSS, I thought I’d explore toxic masculinity.

Let me start by saying, women are fabulous. The whole package. I mean we even had catholic priests jella down through the ages with their robes and inner sanctum that looks like a vagina. I put it all down to jealousy, really. Without us, men are nothing. Men are nothing without us.

Gender Based Violence

So they oppress and subjugate us. Objectify us. Hurt us. And rape us. They trying to kill what’s lacking in themselves. All that testosterone. Shame. They just angry all the time. Looking for a fight. And we make soft targets, literally. With our ample bosoms and luscious hips.

But women are the true matriarchs. In my cultural tradition, women were in control of family planning. They would work by the moon. That means the men sat politely and waited to be told to hunt. And waited their turn at supper time. My kinda society!

I don’t hate men. I mean, I’m married to one. And he is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I’m fortunate that the men in my family circle are stand up guys! That being said, I do feel that women need to get angry more. Hell hath no fury than a woman skopped, as the old adage goes? Awombness: Me Too Part Two

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