Awombness: Onwards and Upwards

Candice Nolan / Feb 10, 2021

Awombness: Onwards and Upwards

Awombness: Onwards and Upwards. Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a kind word in response to yesterday’s post. You have been a support to me in this time and I am deeply grateful. But time waits for no man, and so to get on with the work at hand.

I’m super excited about this week’s episode of The Other Side of the Sun Podcast. Solarkidd chats to an old school friend, living in Canada, who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. This episode is guaranteed to move and unsettle you.

And more exciting times ahead. And plenty new podcasts on the cards for the near future. I am grateful to be contributing meaningfully to the documentation of our human journey. Awombness: Onwards and Upwards

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