Awombness: Prostaglandins

Candice Nolan / Feb 9, 2021

Awombness: Prostaglandins

Awombness: Prostaglandins. My brain is swell. Quite literally. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Mood Disorder. There’s more about that here. And in people with Bipolar mood disorder, the science is looking at the role of prostaglandins.

So these little hormones appear on site at the scene of an injury. They cause redness and swelling. Inflammation, basically. Hence I said my brain is swell. This was a take home from my psychiatrist. And it’s helpful to try to know exactly what is going on in that head of mine!

My psychologist told me to treat my medication as a supplement. Because my brain doesn’t produce enough serotonin. That doesn’t mean there aren’t flights of fancy. But they’re easily managed and controlled. And one’s quality of life is far better on medication than off. Speaking from experience.

Of course, it helps that I have a magnificent brain. It’s taken me to heights I would only ever dare to dream. I run a successful podcasting platform. A platform for storytelling, which has seen one of my hosts ranked on Apple podcasts.

I’m grateful for the life I am able to lead today. And overwhelmed by the opportunity to help fellow storytellers find their voice. All thanks to a swell brain! Awombness: Prostaglandins

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