Awombness: Tribute to a Legend

Candice Nolan / Jan 21, 2021

Awombness: Tribute to a Legend

My aunt, my mom’s eldest sister, passed away. She was going to be 73 next month. Her death was sudden, but expected. She hadn’t been well for the last few weeks. She was hospitalised after Christmas. I like to think she died in her sleep. At peace.

Aunty Marlene was a remarkable woman. Stylish. Trendy. “With it”. My mom used to regale us with tales of her sister in a full leather suit, climbing onto the back of a motorcycle! That’s quite revolutionary for a coloured meisie from the sticks!

She also hated being in front of the camera. She hides away in most photos, or otherwise looks like a deer caught in the headlights. LOL. And her brother-in-law, my mom’s husband, has been nicknamed the grand paparazzi (he has something like 10 000 snaps of the first time his grandchild sat unaided). Poor Aunty Marlene!

Today is the funeral. It is time to bid farewell to this legendary woman. A prayer warrior. Faithful servant to the Lord. Rest in Peace, Aunty M. We will always love you!

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