Awombness: Triomf

Candice Nolan / Feb 28, 2021

Awombness: Triomf

Wesley Pepper has done it again! Art Lexica is now ranking in a new category: “personal journals”.

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This is phenomenal! Just to remind you all, Wesley started his podcast in the middle of 2020. Right in the midst of a pandemic. And he describes it as one of the most successful things he’s done since lockdown.

And now that I’m finally free of the beastly SABC, I can focus my full attention on my podcast. I’m looking at the public broadcaster in my rear view mirror and sighing a sigh of relief. His master’s voice is tjoep still. As it should be.

And my faith in the judiciary has been bolstered. They kept the beast at bay, so I could make a dignified exit. And they did it so elegantly. A true master stroke.

Well, now everyone knows better than to mess with Candice Nolan! Awombness. Triomf.

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