Awombness: Winning the Race

Candice Nolan / Nov 30, 2020

Awombness: Winning the Race

No story has given me greater pause during my time as a legal reporter for the SABC than the story of Judge Nkola Motata. It’s not the fact of his drunken collision with a wall that I find repugnant, so much as the stench of his prejudice on the accident scene. And his mendacity.

In one of the first podcasts for 2020, I sat down with Richard Baird. He subsequently lost the fated house, when his businesses went under. He lost everything due to unsupported allegations, that he, instead of Judge Motata, had made racial utterances on the scene. He is a marked man. Like a sad Country and Western melody.

The story got me thinking of race discrimination as a system. I think it’s bigger than individual people. Of course, that’s not excusing racist conduct (like Vicky Momberg). In hospital I learnt that you are not your diagnosis. True racism exists in a system designed to oppress one over another. In a sense, one might argue that Baird is himself a victim of a false racism allegation.

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