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Candice Nolan / Feb 8, 2021

Awombness: Writers Blog

Awombness: Writers Blog. I think I discovered a new phenomenon. The modern writer is forced not only to write, but to write about writing. SEO guides turn modern writers into content generation machines.

I’ve come across a few in my two years in podcasting. One writer approached me for the opportunity to write content for my website while promoting whatever brand she was promoting. It would be free on my end.

But after giving her the nod, I didn’t hear from her again. That makes me sad. That good writers have to sell them selves short just to get by. Writing is a craft. But it doesn’t pay well. Too much competition, I guess.

And I was once asked to stop posting my podcasts on a journalism group on Facebook, because my podcasts weren’t journalism related. And I was like, Woah?! Come again? I’m a journalist, so surely my content should be at home there?! Besides, who wants to listen to a podcast about journalists journalising? Pah!

Awombness: Writers Blog

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