Awombness: To God Be the Glory

Candice Nolan / Jan 14, 2021

Awombness: To God Be the Glory

Awombness: To God Be the Glory. Philippians 1:6 reads “…That He who hath a begun a good work in you shall not rest until it is completed.” That piece of scripture boggled my mind as a young adult. I grew up in a tiny coloured suburb called Bosmont.

My life prospects were slim. I was born during the height of the apartheid in 1980. The idiotic system collapsed after take off. No surprises. Anyhoo, folks used to swim in the dam running off the nearby mine dump.

Ours, the coloured people, was to be a slow genocide. According to the great thinkers of the time, housing workers within the danger zone of a mine dump would slowly kill them off over time. Once all the gold is mined, and there’s no longer need for their dirty black bodies, mine workers would die from pollution.

It’s diabolical in it’s proportions. What’s even more scary though, is that this very thing is actually happening. Visit communities like Riverlea. They’ll tell you about an 8 year old girl who died of cancer. pollutants are in the water, the air the earth. It’s like the world decided there should be a wide berth given to mines when developing townships.

And the sneaky buggers in their jean pant, built low cost houses right on the fringe of the mine (in the red zone). Anyway, I’m going to die anyway. So, I grew up in Bosmont (marked for slow genocide). And despite all of their dastardly schemes, Verwoerd failed to keep this kaffir down. Tsek, Verwoerd!

I digress. When I started out in journalism, everybody underestimated me. And I mean everyone. Even close friends. They didn’t know what I knew. About Philippians 1:6. I built my own podcasting platform! I am destined for even greater things. Look at me now!

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