Backlinks: a novice guide

Candice Nolan / Mar 13, 2020

Backlinks: a novice guide

I have been running my website for about two years now. I learnt all about SEO and why it’s important. Well, not everything. Today, I took a crash course on backlinks. And mine are all but broke! All this time, I’ve been wondering how to increase traffic to my website!

For the uninitiated, a backlink is basically like a cross referral. An endorsement, if you will. Basically, one website gives kudos to another website, making the recipient website more likely to be ranked higher in search results. Higher ranking translates to more web traffic.

I am a podcast producer. I own my own platform. So the main thing is to try and get myself out there. So I compiled my list (this is also good for seo) on top things you need to know about backlinks:

  1. Riveting content: This, for me, is the main ingredient. You have to know what you are offering and who your audience is. I’m into podcasting. So, I’m not trying to sell anything. I simply want people to listen to my content. I have the content side down pat
  2. Networks: You need to build networks. This means, getting people to talk about your content. I went some way towards achieving that by setting up a review and rating feature on each podcast. I tried to achieve this end by hosting podcast listening sessions at restaurants, but it was self defeating. So, now I’m focussing on getting noticed by other podcasters locally.
  3. Keep learning: The work of building a successful website is never done! Every time I think I have something licked, like SEO for instance, I get shown another door. In the online course I completed via HubSpot, I got some useful tips on how to grow my traffic.
  4. Keep blogging: I typically view my blog as a personal platform for my nascent thoughts and ideas. I do blog in great detail about my journey with post natal depression. But, I need to start developing relevant content to attract visitors.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help: As I mentioned earlier, I’m a podcaster. I’m also a story teller, with a knack for grabbing my audience. What I lack is the necessary know-how when it comes to SEO and the various tools out there. I recently started asking for help with my website. Well, paying for it really!
  6. Expect to pay to get play: This podcasting business is hard graft. I chose to chart my own path, rather than going with existing platforms that have all of these things on lockdown. I have invested a substantial amount of money into my website. And I intend investing a lot more to make my vision work!

So here’s to the evolution of my podcast blog, from a personal memoir to actionable content that real people can use! Paying it forward, a huge shout out to and ivoox

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