Candice Nolan / Dec 7, 2019


One hundred and twenty one thousand US dollars. US$121 000. That’s the price tag for a banana taped to a wall. I mean, that’s what it sold for. US$121 000. A banana duct taped to the wall. BananArt. That’s one expensive banana!

What happens when it becomes overripe? Would it suddenly depreciate in value? It’s even more perverse when one considers that children in Africa are starving. I came across the story while at my day job. By night, I am superman of the podcast airwaves.

There are exciting developments on the Spudcaster front. Thanks to the good people at UpWork. They are busy redesigning the website. It is in need of a complete overhaul. I’m a podcaster, not a website developer. Still, I’m learning that it’s okay to seek out help and grateful that I did.

But BananArt has gotten me thinking. The value proposition of a banana duct taped to the wall must be less than that of a story about the right to food and food justice. I’m working on a podcast on the latter subject. It makes me angry that while half of my country faces food insecurity every day, someone with more dollars than sense spent an obscene amount of money on a banana – in the name of art. Surely, that’s not art?!

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