Begging to be loved

Candice Nolan / Mar 2, 2020

Begging to be loved

Building a successful podcast is harder than it looks. My approach has been: “Build it and they will come”. They being the audience. Listeners. One podcasting tips website said “Listening is an act of love.” That’s some big shoes to fill. Asking you to listen to my work is one thing. Begging you to love me, is something else entirely!.

But I guess, it is an act of love. An investment of your precious time to engage with my story. It is a pretty big ask. So perhaps, I have been putting the cart before the horse. Asking you to fall in love with my podcast, instead of getting you to fall in love with me first. Is it a big ask? Do I dare?

It implies us entering into a relationship with one another. And if you don’t like what you hear, you walk away. Rejecting me. Rejecting my work. My vulnerability. Is this what I’ve been asking for? What does it say, if only a few people took a chance on me. Took the time to listen to my work and leave a review. Is it any less successful for its failure to reach a wider audience?

What, if anything, is the measure of that success? One review or fifty? Spontaneous reviews vs reviews from family and friends? It’s just too overwhelming. Do I throw in the towel? Is there a point to it all? My stories are like little shells on the beach. And I’m begging people to listen to the sound of the ocean on my shell. Out of all the shells that dot the beach. Just listen to this one.

My shell is so intricate and beautiful. Its song is so meaningful and vast. If only I could convince people to ignore whichever shell they have in their hand and take a gamble on mine. Perhaps I am overthinking this. And maybe I’m under-thinking it. One thing is certain, it’s humbling to hawk a shell.

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