Birth of a mother

Candice Nolan / Oct 4, 2017

Birth of a mother

She recently celebrated her 11 month milestone. Time has flown by. 

I was just reminiscing. This time last year I was crawling, ever so gratefully, closer to my maternity leave. I had swollen feet and heart burn. Truth be told, I didn’t really enjoy being pregnant. I wanted my body back. 

Baby was due on 4 November, my sister’s birthday, but she decided (or “they” – funnily, nobody knows what triggers labour) to arrive three days early, on the 1st – which happens to be my aunt’s birthday!

But back to this time a year ago, it was an exciting time. I couldn’t wait to meet this rough and tumble baby. We had the added excitement of waiting to find out the gender. My husband and I would watch weekly video updates about our progress, and daydream together.

As you all know from previous posts, you can never really prepare for what motherhood is truly like. I have changed so much in the space of one year – one trip around the sun.

As we approach her 1st birthday, I feel like the celebration is more for us, her parents, than for her. She won’t remember a thing. But it will be deeply meaningful to look back on her first year, and celebrate the birth of a mother.

We’re planning a low key party for her. Just a few close friends and family. She doesn’t watch much television, but nana says she enjoys watching videos of winnie the pooh on nana’s phone. And so the theme was born. 

Its exciting to plan her party, but I must be mindful of the real celebration. Against the odds, in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, anxiety and sleepless nights, we helped nurture this delicate light. She is thriving. A happy, contented, healthy, baby girl. With God’s help, we did it! 


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