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Candice Nolan / Mar 13, 2020

Welcome to my blog

I am a podcaster, looking to expand the South African market. I produce stories with a particular local flavour. I feel much like a pioneer in this field. This blog documents my journey of building a podcasting platform.

new podcast cover for CAn't diss podcast by spudcaster for baobulb.org

Awombness: A Prospect

I love my city, Johannesburg. With its streets paved with gold (euro-centric folk could only imagine). Mining continues to this very day. In a rather unregulated way, with “African migrants” waging wars/battling death in old mining tunnels. So much to discuss in the above paragraph. But I will start with the latter. African migration. Thankfully, […]

Awombness: Tribute to a Legend

My aunt, my mom’s eldest sister, passed away. She was going to be 73 next month. Her death was sudden, but expected. She hadn’t been well for the last few weeks. She was hospitalised after Christmas. I like to think she died in her sleep. At peace. Aunty Marlene was a remarkable woman. Stylish. Trendy. […]

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