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Candice Nolan / Mar 13, 2020

Welcome to my blog

I am a podcaster, looking to expand the South African market. I produce stories with a particular local flavour. I feel much like a pioneer in this field. This blog documents my journey of building a podcasting platform.

a meme on social distancing using animal lengths

1652: Theft of a Nation

Today, 368 years ago, the Dutch stole the Cape. The local Khoe-Khoe people enjoyed a roaring trade with passing ships. And then, on 6 April 1652, one pale skinned oke, decided to deal with the competition. They changed the face of this corner of Africa forever. And now, these sod’s are proving their higher order […]


Lockdown Log: Back to work

I returned to work last Friday. This was on the advice of my psychologist, who believes staying at home, marinating in my own delusions, is not a good thing. Armed with Domestos, I cleaned my common workspace. The keyboards (I have three) are now white from the bleach. Someone suggested I use methylated spirits instead. […]


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