Candice Nolan / Mar 7, 2019

Ministry of Hugs

I’m reading TD Jakes “Woman, thou art loosed!”. In Chapter 5 “Walk into the newness”, he speaks about his ministry of hugs. He explains, “When something happens, and I really can’t fix it, I just hug them.” I am brand spanking new to this parenting thing. My baby is only 9 months young. As long […]


That Thing

I am still trying to get to grips with my diagnosis. Post-natal depression. It is not who I am. It is an illness that is slowly robbing me of my sense of self. I feel empty alot of the time. Like I have nothing to give. To offer. Like nothing. My doctor related a story […]


Time is on my side

So, at the care facility, we have restricted access to our cellphones. I guess I never realises how much I rely on my fone until it was taken away from me (promptly at 20h00 only to be returned at 17h00 the next day)! I had to start wearing a wrist watch, jus so I could […]


A form of expression

As a novice blogger,  I sure do “express” myself alot. looooooolz 😂 I am a breastfeeding mom and seeing as my boobs haven’t gotten the memo (that I’m away from baby to recuperate) I need to express breastmilk often. And by often I mean, at least every 2 hourly. The staff have been kind enough […]


Lunchtime ramblings

So at lunch, I was treated to some class a gossip. A lady I had just met, mentioned that this was a 5-star mental healthcare facility! “Oh! Its been graded like they do with hotels?”, I quipped. “Not exactly,” came the reply. “A celebrity of a political persuasion was treated here”. “like really high up”. […]


Being Mom

This is the post excerpt.


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