Calling in the BIG GUNS!!!

Candice Nolan / Nov 30, 2019

Calling in the BIG GUNS!!!


I opted for the Word Press Business plan to set up my website. Afterwards, people advised against it. They said its too rigid and inflexible to manage. Of course, by then it was too late. The ink had dried on the contract and the website was live. Perhaps, I should have done my research before hand. But it hasn’t been all bad. Actually it has. I feel completely unsupported. I know absolutely nothing about websites. I am a podcaster. Give me a brief and I’ll give you a sound rich narrative in the form of a podcast.

The service has been great though. Technicians are on call 24/7 to assist. I just don’t think they were prepared for a complete website novice like me. I knew literally nothing, starting out. For instance, I’ll paraphrase a recent conversation I had with a technician:

Technician: So you have too many redirects because you have too many plug ins installed.

Me: But you guys recommended I install such and such plug in.

Tech: Yes, but we are not responsible if the plug in doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. You need to contact the plug in developer for that.

Me: Could you recommend a plug in that will uninstall unnecessary plug ins?

Tech: No.

The joke was lost on them. So to sort out all my seo and design issues, and following another suggestion from the tech guys, I contracted someone using Upwork. But then they needed access to my ftp files, which the Word Press guys wouldn’t give me (For security reasons…we currently don’t share that information but one day we will). Catch22. So now, I imagine, my contracted webmaster person will have to take the long route to helping to fix my website design flaws.

Despite all of these challenges, dear reader, I must assure you that I have no intentions of giving up. I have so many brilliant podcasts to share and stories to tell. This is all about getting them out there so that you, dear reader/listener, can access them. Podcasting is a relatively new concept in South Africa. My competitors are also struggling to mark out a niche. But, I believe, persistence pays off.

I have had to go back to basics. The buck stops with me, ultimately. I haven’t been blogging as consistently as I should of. And its only recently, that I’ve really started working on my SEO. A good workmen never blames her tools. So, it’s time I buck up and get crackalacking on my website traffic!

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