Candice Nolan / Feb 22, 2019


I was trying to motivate my niece and nephew one day. “There’s no such thing as can’t”, I charged. “I don’t believe in can’t! That’s why my name is CANdice and not Can’tdice!” After peels of laughter, it was clear that the lesson was totally lost on them. They still call me “Aunty Can’tdice” to this very day.

I was reminded this on the ol’ morning run this morning:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-22 at 10.08.16


The words still ring true, for me anyway! We must begin to can. The continent needs us. I really needed to hear that too. Nose hurting from all the doors being shut in my face. Don’t fancy the wind much either. Yes we can, can’t we?!

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