CAn’t Diss: Don’t worry

Candice Nolan / May 8, 2020

CAn’t Diss: Don’t worry

#BabySesame was having a tearful bath time earlier. Then we fought over which pyjamas she should wear. I think both our nerves are a bit frayed. So she was moaning about some crazy scheme to glue sticks together. Of course, I wouldn’t let her play with the glue. And then, I had a brain wave! Don’t worry, hit play!!!

I think I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first heard this number! It made me smile and I’m happy to say it still does today! In a world that goes by minute by minute, keep living in the moment. We are all going through the toughest circumstances known to mankind. But if you are reading this from the comfort of your home or workplace, then don’t worry!

Used to spending time with other humans. Be it in war. Or in work. It can’t be easy to avoid the exchange of bodily fluids as two human worlds collide. I am thankful, because I have trusted humans that I can still interact with. Only now I do it on my terms and on terms that suit my interlocutors.

I draw much solace from the knowledge that I haven’t lost control. Sure, the world may be going to shit. But I have a roof over my head, food to sustain me and the interwebz to entertain me. Also, I’m grateful that I don’t live under my mom’s roof anymore. Check out this vid:

South Africans are the warmest most humorous most splendiferous beings on the planet! Oh, and on the expansion front, I set up a learning platform for one of my churches! Super excited! From a lowly storyteller, to a regular blogger, my website is growing every day! Thank you!

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