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This podcast blog is all about my journey towards creating a platform for my storytelling. I also share about my journey having been diagnosed with post natal depression. So, I talk about my motherhood journey. But mostly I share about the work I’m doing around building Spudcaster up.

  • Keeping Abreast

    My Facebook friends know, I’m a breastfeeding mom. Some, like my sister, say I am fanatical about breastfeeding. It has certainly made me a somewhat of a celebrity. I featured […]

  • Therein lies the rub

    Teething! My baby is teething! That’s why she refused food and took solace in the breast! Gosh! And I thought I was having a bad day?! Poor baby! It took […]

  • Thorny with a patch of roses

    Life is never all bad or all good. After my last post, I came to realise that truth. Once I quit trying to force her to eat, offered her breastmilk, […]

  • Thorns

    I am having a decidedly bad day. An indulgent nap in the morning, taking advantage of the cleaning lady to watch the baby, seriously messed with her schedule. She hardly […]

  • Nana

    My daughter has an amazing nanny. She is my sister’s mother-in-law. She is a grandmother of five and a career homemaker. She has been an amazing pillar of strength throughout […]

  • Like a duck to water

    The nanny needed another personal day, so I stayed home from work. Today was the start of the refresher classes at swimming. She did so well in the pool. She […]

  • Family Time

    Yesterday we had a family get together in Reiger Park, Boksburg. It was so good reconnecting with family. It reminded me, how fortunate I am to have a support structure […]

  • Reaping the rewards

    I am starting to reap the rewards of motherhood. It feels good to be able to comfort her with some breastmilk when she’s feeling overwhelmed. And how sweet when she […]

  • Birth Story

    Today, as we mark baby’s tenth month outside the womb, it seems apt to share our birth story. One thing I have to be grateful for, is the fact that […]

  • It’s a cinch

    I am doing it, fam! Baby ate breakfast, had her morning ablutions, playtime and now she’s tucked snugly away in the wrap for naptime. And I managed time to express […]

  • Enough?

    Panic stations, everyone!!!! The nanny needs a personal day tomorrow, so I will be all alone with the baby all day. By myself. All she will have is me. I […]

  • Anxiety

    I still battle with anxiety, although, thanks to the sleeping tablets, it no longer keeps me up at night. I need to learn how to deal with these anxious thoughts. […]

  • Life

    Life on life’s terms. That’s what I aspire to everyday. Living life on life’s terms. It makes things less cluttered and I feel less frazzled, taking things as they come.  […]

  • I’m fine.

    My church minister, the Right Honourable Reverend Heidi, asked why I chose to blog about my battle with depression. Mainly, because there is a dearth of honest accounts by sufferers. […]

  • Saboteur

    My time at the mental healthcare facility was enlightening. I was equipped with tools to both understand myself better and help myself to heal. Today, in therapy, I realised a […]

  • Hometime

    I was discharged today. Found out when I tried to get a transfer to another room (to escape from snoeffels, the crazy cat lady). I am still reeling! Last night, […]

  • Progress

    It was family visitation day today. I got to spend time with hubby and baby. We had a picnic in the garden. The meds are starting to work and I’m […]

  • Snoeffels

    Red Sam (Yosemite Sam) is truly touched in the head. He shaved his head because he’s convinced that his roomate is making passes at him. “Gays can’t resist a redhead!”, […]

  • Looney Tunes

    The old school of thought has it that depression is “the common cold” of mental illness. A newer school of thought reckons that bi-polar mood disorder is more common than […]

  • Motor mouth

    My breastpump speaks to me. No, really, this is a truly sane thought (she said while chilling on the crazy farm). But, I am not alone on this, believe me. […]

  • Repsychle

    My psychiatrist is a zany, bubbly personality. Never finishes a sentence, always three steps ahead! She wears this bright orange lipstick that never seems to stick on her lips. More […]

  • Colour code

    By way of anecdote, in the dinner queue just now, this lady quips, “Oh! But you’re so cute!”. Only to hurriedly add that she meant that in a good way, […]

  • Taste my fear

    Today I came to a rather interesting realisation. And, to illustrate, the words of our couples councellor rang true: “Being is better than doing”. Yesterday, I had time to kill […]

  • Caught must-arbating

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/think-well/201009/feeling-angry-or-guilty-maybe-its-time-stop-shoulding Food for thought in psych therapy today. I am a slave to “must-arbation” and “shoulding”. All part of my unrealistic expectation subtext. It’s really quite disempowering. Life is passing […]

  • Doing it for others

    I got a new roomate the other day. Of course, I made certain assumptions about what brought her to the crazy farm. She’s of retirement age – a sizeable proportion […]

  • Watch “The most inspirational video you will ever see Nick Vujicic” on YouTube

    we discussed this in group therapy today. Guaranteed to move you. The therapist says its not intended to make your problems look small and significant, but rather to show the […]

  • Becoming a branch manager

    Let’s talk trees. Tall ones. Whithered ones. Evergreens. Jacarandas. They seemed to be a prominent theme in therapy today. But its not the first time they cropped up in a […]

  • Ministry of Hugs

    I’m reading TD Jakes “Woman, thou art loosed!”. In Chapter 5 “Walk into the newness”, he speaks about his ministry of hugs. He explains, “When something happens, and I really […]

  • That Thing

    I am still trying to get to grips with my diagnosis. Post-natal depression. It is not who I am. It is an illness that is slowly robbing me of my […]

  • Time is on my side

    So, at the care facility, we have restricted access to our cellphones. I guess I never realises how much I rely on my fone until it was taken away from […]

  • A form of expression

    As a novice blogger,  I sure do “express” myself alot. looooooolz 😂 I am a breastfeeding mom and seeing as my boobs haven’t gotten the memo (that I’m away from […]

  • Lunchtime ramblings

    So at lunch, I was treated to some class a gossip. A lady I had just met, mentioned that this was a 5-star mental healthcare facility! “Oh! Its been graded […]

  • Being Mom

    This is the post excerpt.


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