Chews your battles

Candice Nolan / Oct 17, 2017

Chews your battles

Do babies have a sixth sense? Like a receptor in the mouth, that let’s them know the biological/whatever profile of a thing? Or are they like the poor misunderstood shark, who needs to take a bite before it realises its meal is not a seal? 🤔

Literally everything goes into her mouth! Sometimes, after a good crawl-about, I’d catch her chewing. Then she clears her throat, as though she’s trying to dislodge a hairball. Not surprising, if you consider she once tried to eat a little goose down feather. 

But the thing that really bothers me is the chewing. Especially when I can’t tell what it is/was. It’s so frustrating! What if it’s salmonella infested chicken slime from the kitchen floor (she licks the floor too!)?! 😐

This one time she drank her bath water. Simply lapped it up, like a little puppy dog. Sigh. Generally, I support her impulses. I once gave her a flower from the garden, knowing full well she’d put it in her mouth. 

Once, on a shopping trip, I gave her this chocolate father christmas in shiny foil wrapping. Well, that was a mistake. Within seconds she had bitten off a piece of the wrapping and started chewing. It took me and hubby 10 minutes to fish the offending object out of her mouth. 😲

This one time, I gave her my african beaded necklace to “play” with. It kept her entertained. Until she bit right through it. With only two bottom teeth, mind you! That was the end of that. 

So I reckon its best to choose my battles. I cannot police her 24/7. And I scheme the good Lord gave babies a strong constitution to handle all the chicken slime, goose down feathers, bugs and foil that the earth might offer up.


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