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A Life of Worship Podcast

Charmaine Rayment is a Christian missionary in South Africa. She came to salvation at the age of 13 and has been involved in the worship ministry as worship leader, singer, musician and speaker for over 40 years. She believes that she was called to worship for both Jew and Gentile. And for the past 20 years she has been involved in Messianic worship and currently leads worship in a Messianic congregation. For the past 9 years she have also been active as a volunteer missionary which enabled her to minister through music and the Word in a number of churches in South Africa. It was during one of these services, where she was approached and asked if she would be willing to do a series of worship teaching podcasts. Charmaine relishes the opportunity to spread God's word through worship on this new and exciting platform.

Bosmont Congregational Church Podcast

This is the Bosmont Congregational Church podcast. The church was founded in 1968. And it services the community of Bosmont. The community runs along Albertina Sisula road. The podcast comes in response to the lockdown. And the global lockdown was imposed to battle coronarvirus and covid-19. Reverend Kelvin Harris leads this congregation and was instrumental in the setting up of this podcast.

Can't diss Podcast

Can't Diss Podcast is Candice Nolan's attempt at stand up comedy. She offers an interesting take at a critical time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Family Podcast

This is a podcast which was set up for the Klein and extended families during the lockdown over covid19 and coronavirus

Florida Methodist Church of South Africa Podcast

This is a podcast set up for the church and community of the Florida Methodist Church South Africa.

Moravian Church Podcast

This podcast was set up for the community of the Moravian Church in Cape Town.

Saint Barnabas Confirmation Class 2020

This is a learning portal set up for the Saint Barnabas United Church during the time of lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic

Saint Barnabas United Church Podcast

A weekly podcast of sermons, ministry and mission of the Saint Barnabas United Church. It's a uniting congregation with the congregationalists and the presbyterians. It is ably lead by Reverend Heidi Pietersen.


Personal stories

The Other Side of the Sun Podcast

The other side of the sun is a podcast from the mind of solarkidd (Music Producer/Sound Engineer). solarkiddmusic - https://www.instagram.com/solarkiddmusic In these podcasts I will be going on a journey of self discovery. I am into many things and I have many interests such as Ancient History, Culture, Music, Arts, Sports, Science, Astronomy, Language, Ancient Alien Theories etc etc.. I hope to discover more about the things I love by talking to people I admire or who have experience or knowledge on the topics I am interested in. The topics will be pretty broad but I'm sure there will be an episode for everyone to enjoy. Disclaimer : The views expressed by the people involved are their own opinion and are not always cross referenced and if you disagree or can provide an explanation as to why you disagree we would love your feedback. If you don't like any of the content or would like me to mention or talk about something you are interested in then get in touch and I will gladly try and respond to your enquiry. Peace and Love

Wesley Pepper's Art Lexica Podcast

Wesley Pepper's Art Lexica is a podcast about art, processes and the politics of art and activism. Wesley Pepper is a contemporary street artist, social entrepreneur and cultural activist. He posts regular podcasts on topical subjects from within the art world. Guests include visual artist, animators and music producers.