Candice Nolan / Feb 25, 2020


It’s starting to pay off. The hard graft I’ve been doing on myself. I am so much less impulsive than before. I think before I act, rather than act while I think. Growth! And I have learnt to show myself respect. The other day, I was invited to a meeting to discuss a podcast.

I arrived on time. Called my contact, who said they were still on their way. So I waited for twenty minutes and left. An hour later, they contacted me, apologising profusely. I set terms for a new meeting date. I handled it like a professional. But I’m proudest of the fact that I didn’t sit around waiting for hours!

I’m still impulsive. But now I am able to talk myself down, instead of tidying up the mess afterwards. Life is good. My mood is stable. I have a real attitude of gratitude. And I’m taking it all one day at a time. I don’t think I would have appreciated this if it had come sooner and easier.

Looking back on the road I’ve travelled, I can appreciate the peace in the eye of the storm. Onwards and upwards.

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