Counting Teeth

Candice Nolan / Dec 16, 2019

Counting Teeth

So my website has had a complete overhaul. I am so pleased! It looks so professional and the layout is much easier to navigate. It has been an incredible journey to this point. With many lessons learnt. The biggest of which was never to mix family and business.

When I was little, I was constantly in trouble for “counting teeth”. Essentially, I would allow myself to become engrossed with adult conversations. Topics which weren’t designed for young ears. I still do it today. Only now, I am the adult making the conversation. And counting is key.

Running a blog and podcasting website relies heavily on readers and listeners. I need to attract people to my website, to engage with my content. That’s where the designers came in. All thanks to the good people at Upwork. Not to mention WordPress for the sterling support and infrastructure to help realise the dream.

And now, my pet obsession is checking my stats. Tracking how many people visit my website. Which pages they land on. What pages they interact with. I do need further intervention to get the website running optimally. My end goal is a website that is self sustaining. One that is listed as one of the top podcasts in the country.

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