Doom and Gloom

Candice Nolan / Mar 16, 2020

Doom and Gloom

My day job involves processing news stories. Basically, picking up things from the wires and from 24 hour news channels. It tends to give one a jaded perspective on the world. In short: the sky is falling 24/7 365 all day, every day, and twice on Sunday. It’s hard not to get sucked into the negativity.

But with this corona virus business, the news is hitting a little to close to home. I don’t like brining work home with me, but today I have. I was even too afraid to kiss my daughter good night. This is what it must be like, to live in fear. Still, I can’t feel sorry for myself. How many thousands of South Africans are having to confront this disease without the veil of television screens and radio dials…

This is my first ever global outbreak. I heard about things like the black death…which happened to Europeans in far flung areas. But this covid19 thing has come to touch us on our studio. The worse part, is not having to worry whether or not you’ll die. I stand a good chance of survival. The worse part will be watching my compatriots die.

Ordinary people living ordinary lives. Those living from month to month, with no opportunity to panic buy and stock up on essentials. The majority in my country, essentially. I did a podcast recently, about hunger in my country. More than half of South Africans are hungry. Right now. More than half. Maybe more.

What does the corona virus mean to them? Well, they won’t even see it coming. Because, if you are battling to put food on your table, you are not going to be out in the supermarkets panic buying vitamin c tablets. But perhaps, the sun is the answer. Viruses don’t like the sun. We have lots of sunshine in Africa. Maybe we will be spared the tragedy of an African pandemic.

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