Candice Nolan / Dec 12, 2019


Baobulb.org has been revamped, overhauled, revitalised! And it’s all thanks to Gunjan Gudwani at UpWork.com It looks simply splendid! I am so impressed! I have just gone from rags to riches. Quite literally!

Your feedback is most welcome, so feel free to leave us a comment or five! This has been long in the making. I trudged around the www streets aimlessly. My first mistake was getting family involved in the web design aspect.

It has been a journey. Many lessons learnt along the way, countless things I would have done differently, if given the chance. Not too long ago, I came to my senses, realised that I needed professional help and swiftly got that ball rolling.

I’m hoping that I can finally see some ROI on this podcasting bid. Perhaps the new year will bring with it opportunities to expand both my reach as a podcaster and my ability to operate as a hosting platform.

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