Feeling low 

Candice Nolan / Sep 24, 2017

Feeling low 

This is not the kinda post that will make you go “awwwww” and “coochy coo”. This is real. We’re at a braai for my sisters’ birthday. I feel like an inadequate mom.

We were outside and I said she should crawl. But “they” said what if she picks up leaves and stones. She crawled and put a stone in her mouth. My mom removed it. Me 0 : 1 Them

Time to chow, someone asks can they give her a bone. Before I could answer, my mom said “Yes, of course”. Me 0 : 1 Them

She had bread, courtesy of nana. I wanted her to finish her bottle. Oh, and she got some meat too. Me 0 : 1 Them

What do I know anyway?!

The only time I held her was during naptime (in the wrap), and her lunchtime. She never crawls to me. Me 0 : 1 Them

Feeling really low. I feel like she doesn’t need me. They seem to have all the answers. And they always know best. I am beginning to despise family gatherings.

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