Candice Nolan / Mar 11, 2020


This freelancing thing is a full time job. I’m using online tools to try and get work. I found this one which seems to originate in Asia. Mostly, it’s impossible for the buyer and the seller to meet each other. The language barrier is a real challenge. But I managed to earn $4 for my first re-writing assignment.

I’m just not sure it’s worth the stress. But then again, it’s not as though I’ve been very productive lately. My last podcast was in January! So, I’m just trying to use my time optimally. If nothing else, temping has got me blogging more regularly 🙂 That’s surely a good thing, right?

But my paranoia got the better of me when I was researching an article about DMAC. It’s something email thingy that prevents people from stealing your site identity in email communications. You know, nefarious outfits that are into phishing and other scams. It seems pricey, though.

So, I’m worried that I’m leaving my front door open while I chase pie in the sky freelancer gigs. Then again, I do worry too much! Perseverance. That’s the word. This too shall pass.

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