Australian singer Thomas Headon releases new single “Georgia”

British-born Australian singer Thomas Headon released his latest single “Georgia” on November 9th.

Primarily an alternative and indie rock artist, Headon is on the rise in the music industry averaging 687,012 monthly listeners on Spotify. He is also currently co-headlining a tour in North America with British singer Alfie Templeman, another indie rock artist.

Headon had saved a clip of the single as a TikTok sound to promote the tune ahead of the official release. This social media interaction also led to speculation as to who the song might be about.

Headon went to his second Tik Tok account and posted a video about fan interest in the song. While part of the chorus played in the background, he had other lyrics written on the screen.

“No one knows that this song isn’t even about the state of Georgia, it’s about Georgia D’Alia, who I sat next to in 11th grade English class,” Headon wrote. “So Georgia if you ever see this, hope you’re doing well, this song is named after you.”

While the artist explained the lyrics, fans in the video’s comments speculated that the song is really about Caroline Lusk, the girl he assumes is dating at the moment.

Lusk is a social media influencer with over 70,000 followers on Instagram and just over 1.8 million followers on TikTok. Though neither Lusk nor Headon have explicitly said or denied anything, they do appear romantic with each other on each other’s social media.

Just adding more fuel to the fire, Headon commented on the same video, saying, “Shoutout Georgia, it’s actually about Caroline but still,” confirming fans had assumed it was right the entire time.

As the song begins with a softly playing guitar, he sings, “It’s not her name, but it’s still a condition,” adding to the theory that the song is about Lusk.

In another set of lyrics, Headon sings, “I’m tempted just to get on a plane/ Anything just to see her face,” confirming the fact of the couple’s relationship as Lusk and Headon live in different countries and have a grueling flight that separates them from each other.

There’s an instrumental build-up that spills into the chorus where he sings, “She’s so sweet/ And she’s so good/ But I’ll never be in her neck of the woods.” This underscores her personality, as well as the devastating fact that they live in different places.

Although none of these theories have been confirmed, fans still believe it to be true.

Nonetheless, “Georgia” is just one of those songs you can play while you’re driving down the street with your friends with the windows down and the volume turned up. Something people just can’t get enough of these days.

22-year-old artist Headon has been releasing music since 2019 and has gone from being a relatively unknown name to a minor artist on the rise. His final show on his North American tour is November 21, and after that, fans aren’t sure what to expect.

Although Headon’s last EP ‘Victoria’ was only released last March, it could still mean that a new EP will be out soon, be it late this year or early next.

However, “Georgia” is currently available on all streaming services as of now. Fans will just have to wait and see what Headon’s future in music has in store.

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