Former Georgia soccer star Jake Fromm assesses Stetson Bennett’s cold-weather challenge in Kentucky

ATHENS — If anyone can appreciate the challenge Stetson Bennett faces with today’s cold weather in Lexington, his former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm.

Fromm, now with the NFL’s Washington Commanders, took time out earlier this week to share his thoughts on the Bulldogs and the cold-weather games on DawgNation Daily.

“I think they’re ready,” said Fromm, who is the SEC’s third-winning QB of all time at 37-5 behind David Greene (42-10) and Peyton Manning (39-6).

“I think this team is experienced and they continue to grow and build on that.”

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Fromm became acquainted with this team last summer and earlier in the fall, spending time training at the Bulldogs’ football building while also taking classes at UGA.

Temperatures were much warmer then than they are now, as Fromm explained that a different mindset was needed.

“I got a taste of it myself playing Buffalo and New York, and it was a bit chilly even last week in Philadelphia,” said Fromm, who was drafted by the Bills before spending last season with the NY Giants ended.

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“It’s a mindset in a way, but it’s also a grind and it takes tenacity to overcome,” Fromm said.

“QBs have your hand warmers ready – the ball gets harder and smoother. As long as the wind isn’t too strong it’s pretty manageable.”

DawgNation Daily with Brandon Adams and guest Jake Fromm

The forecast for Georgia’s 3:30 p.m. game in Kentucky calls for a kick-off temperature of 37 degrees at 15 mph, which could play a role depending on stadium currents.

Fromm is familiar enough with the current UGA offense with Todd Monken to know that Bennett will have the ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage if conditions or circumstances warrant.

“It goes back to a lot of conversations during the week in the quarterback room and sometimes with the head coach,” Fromm said, explaining how quarterbacks at Georgia had the freedom to change plays.

“It’s what we see situationally in the game and several times throughout my career I’ve been given a list of games that you’ve been given depending on the third and distance and where we were on the field and what coverage we could check.”

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Fromm said Monken’s offensive scheme allows for much more control at the scrimmage line than the pro-style offenses he played during his three-year career leading Georgia.

Still, the options and plays Bennett has on the line of scrimmage can vary from week to week.

“I think the baseline is certainly higher to do what you want,” Fromm said. “But there’s some give and take on certain things week in and week out, depending on the predictability of what we’re getting and the convenience of knowing they’re going to line up the way we think they’re going to line up.”

Fromm’s explanation explains what Coach Kirby Smart meant after a few games — particularly in Missouri — when he said they were betting too much on Bennett.

Fromm also shared how much this team would focus on playing one game at a time leading up to the SEC championship game, which he says is one of the bigger goals for this team.

“It’s huge, it’s also an opportunity to make amends,” Fromm said, echoing what current Bulldogs players have said this season.

“When it comes to starting the season and setting your goals for what this team wants to be and achieve, it starts with winning the East and the next step is winning the SEC championship game.

“That opportunity is right in front of them and later to win a playoff game and win another national championship.”