Short and sweet takeaways from victory over Kentucky

Georgia Football beat Kentucky 16-6. At first glance, it seemed like the Dawgs were being overly conservative, but after rewatching and sitting on the game, Georgia had the right game plan.

Some things needed improvement, but for the most part, Georgia did what was necessary to still win by 10 points. It doesn’t matter what the Twitter coaches think or say, Georgia knows what it’s doing, and it’s downright brilliant.

Why gift things to future opponents when you don’t have to? Georgia has yet to open up its offense, and this defense keeps it pretty easy, too. When it opens things up, you see results similar to the Tennessee game and the Oregon game.

Georgian football has achieved its 11th victory strategically and these are our takeaways.

Watching the game again made us appreciate the game plan even more. Who cares if it was conservative? Sure, I was a little harsh about the Dawgs not scoring again, but it was overly critical.

Georgia pulled through on his game plan, and while I’m sure there were times when head coach Kirby Smart would have wanted more from his team, it didn’t matter.

Some fans got a little nervous as Kentucky rushed down the field 99 yards and scored a goal, but it wasn’t enough as Georgia stood firm. This defense rarely gives up a 99-yard drive, but at the same time, Kentucky got the most out of the Dawgs during this drive.

Now for the good stuff, we wanted to try something new – short and cute one line takeaways instead of giving super deep takeaways. Here are 11 individual phrases to take home from the Kentucky game to convey our thoughts on the big win.

Georgian football saw its offense flex at times and stay smart

1: Kenny McIntosh keeps running like a madman with the biggest goal since his ill-fated fumble.

2: Starting quarterback Stetson Bennett should use his legs more in short-yard situations and needs to keep people from being satisfied

3: The lack of tight end usage felt intentional against the Wildcats, but we still missed seeing Darnell Washington and Brock Bowers flashy moments.

4: Georgia’s attacking line has played well but still has room for improvement in close-range situations and on the goal-line.

Georgian football saw its defense grow in Game 11

5: The pressure from Georgia was there enough to prevent Kentucky from gaining much momentum.

6: Smael Mondon Jr. and this linebacker group will be better than the 2021 unit.

7: Georgia’s front seven has a lot of work to do, and it’s not just Jalen Carter who continues to shine.

8th: The Dawgs secondary school is full of monsters playing every year.

Georgia football knew what it was doing against Kentucky

9: Georgian football doesn’t need to blow teams out when it’s unbeaten and has already proven itself.

10: The conservative approach Georgia took was wise.

11: Georgia fans need to realize how tough it is to repeat as a national champion.

That last bite is very important to remember as a fan. To repeat as a national champion is extremely difficult to achieve. People see the surface level stats and the outcome of the game. However, do they stop and think how hard it is to be 11-0?

Alabama has had a stranglehold on college football, but we have to remember it’s tough to achieve. Kentucky has been in the top 10 once this season and they are a well-trained football team. However, Georgia still beat them by two points. While it wasn’t the most explosive game, it’s a testament to Georgia and what Smart is doing with this program.

Georgia is No. 1 in the country and that already comes with a lot of pressure, but it looks like 2022 will be even more difficult. The Dawgs don’t need to impress anyone, they need to achieve their team goals. Georgia already proved to the playoff committee that they deserve one of those four spots, so trust the process and keep winning.